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The Dangers of Genetic Engineering essays

The Dangers of Genetic Engineering essays Chances are you have already eaten genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Look at the ingredient list on any packaged food in your cupboard. Any food with ingredients from corn, soy, canola, or cottonseed is likely to be made with GMOs. Thousands of products on supermarket shelves are made with GMOs. There are already over 50 million acres of GMO crops growing in the U.S. These foods contain genetic material that has never before been part of the human diet, from crops that have not evolved in any natural environment. Genetic engineering is not traditional breeding. A genetically modified organism is a plant, animal or microorganism that is created by means that overcome natural boundaries. Genetic engineering can involve crossing species which could not cross in nature. For example, genes from a fish have been inserted into strawberries and tomatoes. It can also involve putting chemicals into food. Almost all GMOs grown today are in one of two varieties: "insect resistant" and "herbicide tolerant" crops. The crop produces an insect toxin as it grows, in every cell of the plant throughout the entire growing season. When you eat GMO insect resistant corn you are eating a pesticide. Despite these alarmingly unnatural modifications, you won't find "genetically engineered" on the label of any of these products. The industry doesn't want you to know that it has embarked on an experiment unique in human history, an experiment that doctors and scientists around the world are warning may not be safe. One area of concern is biological pollution. While chemical pollution has been the scourge of the 20th century, biological pollution from GMO crops poses even more hazards as we enter the new millennium. Unlike chemicals that are released into the environment, GMOs are living beings that will reproduce and spread uncontrollably, with no possibility of containment or clean-up. Another consequence of GMOs is the increased use o...

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Main Legislation in the Early Years of Foundation Stage Essay

Main Legislation in the Early Years of Foundation Stage - Essay Example When parents decide to use early years services they are determined to know how the provisions will help in keeping their children safe and promote their growth. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS, 2008) is the structure that gives this assurance. Definitions of stages of growth in childhood come from many sources. Several theorists like Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lev Vygotsky and Erik Erikson, provided ways of understanding development, various researches done lately have provided important information concerning the nature of development. In addition, stages of childhood are defined culturally by social institutions, customs, laws that constitute a society. For example, while professionals and researchers define the period of early childhood as birth to eight years of age, others in the United States consider the age of five years, because it corresponds with entry into cultural activities of formal schooling. The EYFS mission is to assist young children at the age five wi th every matter and to ensure that the children stay healthy and safe; they should also enjoy and make achievements. Making positive contribution and gaining monetary well-being through: Providing balanced opportunity, anti-discriminatory activities and guaranteeing that every child is included in the children profile, and not disadvantaged by culture or religion, ethnicity, culture, family status, home language, disabilities or learning difficulties, ability or gender. The setting of standards for learning, care and development of young children should be experienced when they are attending a setting outside their family home and making sure that there is uniformity in progress in children. Increasing consistency and quality in the early year’s sector can be achieved through a global set of standards that applies to all setting. This can be achieved by ending the differences between learning and care in the available frameworks and offering the foundation for regulation regi me and inspection. Creating structures for partnership through working collectively with parents and experts would determine the settings that children attend. Nevertheless, laying a protected foundation for future learning through development that is designed around the personal requirements and the interests of a child, using well-versed observational assessment is very vital in early foundation (Bowman Donavan and Susan, 2001). In context and legal responsibilities, the EYFS has played a crucial part in the ten-year childcare strategic choice for parents, which involves the best start for children and landmark childcare act 2006. The act gives a suitable framework for the delivery of EYFS and has taken together the other basics for strategy; the EYFS will be the centre for the delivery of new tasks aimed at reducing inequalities and improving results. Recently, there has been a significant improvement in the early years practice and standards, the EYFS developed this for practiti oners to realize the continuity with the principle and approaches to Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. Also, the birth to three matters foundation and the national standards for Less than 8 years Daycare and Child minding was a major concern. The EYFS has the mandate

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Japanese city Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Japanese city - Research Proposal Example Kobe has once been considered the most earthquake safe part of the country until 1995 when the great Hanshin Earthquake devastated the city. Kobe is known for its delicious cakes and coffee, "row of historic houses and precious cultural assets and various other delights" ( It also boasts of a rich natural heritage as relics are displayed in the museums. In fact, one of the great places in Kobe is the Kobe Archaeological Center which sorts, stores and exhibits artifacts from excavations of remains in the city (Kobe Convention and Visitors Association). Kobe is known as an "international city" with a diverse population of foreign residents. It is highly industrializes, with a variety of industries such as production of parts to manufacture of finished products, the leading edge R&D and the growing information technology (Overview of Kobe). Being a port city, some of its industries are port-related such as steel production, ship-building, foodstuffs, shipping and warehousing. Blessed with abundant natural resources such as the bodies of water, Kobe government has moved from the traditional method of fishing to modern aquaculture (Overview of Kobe). One of the most bankable and easiest jobs for me in Kobe is an English teacher. There are numerous opportunities for teaching jobs in Kobe, in elementary, middle school and high school. With formal education in English and a TESL certification, one can easily teach the English language in Kobe and there are various institutions such as "public schools, conversation schools, language and research institutes and corporate English training centers in Kobe" (NaukriHub). As Japanese seek to learn the English language, there is a vast opportunity for English teachers in Japan. 3. Being an "international city", there are various facilities and amenities by and for the foreign communities such as "international schools with foreign language-based curriculum, places of worship for a vast number of religions, businesses geared to foreign visitors and both short-term and long-term residents, as well as multitude of dining establishments representing almost all of the world's cuisine. (Overview of Kobe). "It is the base for many multi-cultural friendship organizations and has a great many facilities for such activities and for assisting non-Japanese residents of the city and the surrounding areas and there are also a number of places to study the Japanese language and culture" (Overview of Kobe). The city also boasts of a large number of parks where people can meet, with 16.61 sq.m of parkland per person. 4. There are a large number of beautiful places to visit in Kobe. Its parks are truly calming to the souls and satisfying to the eyes. Among these famous parks are Fruit and Flower Park which also houses hotels and hot springs with an admission fee of 500 yen, the Kobe City Suma Rikyu Park which is a blue expanse of water and of course the Sorakuen garden which is a Japanese style garden with important cultural properties. Kobe is blessed with beautiful bodies of water, therefore cruising is one of the precious activities one can have while staying there. At the Harborland/Meriken

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Pearl River Piano Company Essay Example for Free

Pearl River Piano Company Essay Pearl River Piano Group (PRPG) was established in 1956 by bringing together six small piano shops in Guangzhou. The group of 100 employees produced only 13 pianos that year. After many attempts, Guangzhou technicians were finally satisfied with the tone color and quality of its first manufactured piano, and in a short time it was sold in Hong Kong. It would be twenty years before the factory was able to prove its potential. As a State -owned enterprise PRPG is accountable to the Guangzhou municipal government. Investments from both Yamaha and Steinway Sons have played a key role in the expansion of their production. In addition, PRPG has bought the German piano brand Ritmuller and will be expanding in the European market. Guangzhou, located at the north of the Pearl River delta, is an important trading center as well as a busy port and the capital city of the province of Guandong . The city has an area of over 16,000 square kilometers and a population of 6.7 million. Guangzhou is also one of the most important centers of foreign commerce in South China. There are a lot of interesting legends concerning its past. One of the beautiful stories which gives the city its name Goat Town says that five gods riding on five goats brought the first grain to the city. In 1959 PRPG consisted of a shed on the side of the street to repair pianos. Later a shelter was built to process the wood. At that time the pianos were carried in a cart with men walking barefoot to the port. During the tumultuous of Mao Zedongs Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, few Chinese dared to buy a piano, which symbolized the Wests decadent and bourgeois society. Learning the piano was frowned upon at that time. The factory didnt stop making pianos. However, they were lucky if they sold more than one hundred pianos a year. In the meantime Chinas one-child policy has created a culture where parents invest heavily in their childrens education. Parents like to spend money to improve their childrens education and culture and this has paid off for PRPG. Nearly 80%of their pianos are sold in China. Pianos have caught on in China. PRPGs domestic shipments climbed even throughout Asias financial crisis. During the1960s companies such as Yamaha took advantage of low labor costs to enter the global and domestic market. They were quietly followed my South Korea. For years the musical instrument business was dominated by U.S. and European companies. But this has been changing now for decades. In 1992 Tong Zhi Cheng took control of the company. He had worked for only one company during his adult life, the state-owned PRPG. When Tong took over pianos were fairly common in households in Europe and the U.S. for nearly two centuries, but in China they have been a luxury. In 1995 PRPG and Yamaha Pianos of Japan forged a $10 million joint venture. They set up a company called Yamaha-Pearl River. This company was set up to make certain Eterna models that are exported to Europe and the USA. Unlike Chinas typically backward state-owned companies, PRPG is savvy about brands and looks for new products to sell. Tong bought a mature German brand Ritmà ¼ller in 1999. In addition he has struck a deal with Steinway Sons to produce their Essex line of pianos. Today, PRPG consists of a factory spanning 2 million square feetthe worlds biggest piano plantcranks out 250 pianos every day. White-smocked workers steer computer-driven kilns that bake oak planks en masse. Individual piano keys are hand-checked for precision and balance. Five pairs of ears listen to each pianos tuning, speeding another instrument out the doorand into Americas living rooms. Just two years after Pearl River set up a U.S. sales arm, its high- quality, low-priced pianos have snared 10% of the market, and the company vows to capture a 25% share by 2005. It already has won the hearts and minds of some U.S. consumers.

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In Favor of the Network Cap :: Internet Technology Essays

In Favor of the Network Cap Iowa State’s internet administrators had a problem: several computers around campus had been being used as Internet servers for illegitimate data distribution, and these select computers were using a severe amount of bandwidth on the ISU student network. The undeniable fact is that these are students illegally serving copyrighted software and media to people outside the ISU network, and they are taking up an extreme proportion of the network’s available bandwidth. Although this abuse had not yet caused consistent detrimental network problems for many users, the problem was getting worse, and AIT’s network cap decision has halted it. AIT’s 500 megabyte network cap is justified. Warez servers on the ISU campus send out a huge amount of data and slow the network down. We should be greedy about our network speed because our tuition is paying for ISU’s internet connection. It is true that an alternative method, such as filters based on complex data rate monitoring algorithms, might do a better job preventing the warez servers network abuse, and keep many intensive users from protest. But such measures are likely unfeasible, due to limitations of AIT’s network software, and time limitations of AIT network analysts. If the 500 meg cap does indeed cause real problems for a number of legitimate users, investigation of these other methods can be pursued. The 500 megabyte cap was a good and timely solution. Those who disagree with the cap argue that it would affect their legitimate network usage, such as Quake 3 game servers, or people with websites that they serve from their own computers. Instances where these users will actually peak 500 megs in a day are rare, however. Even a moderately trafficked user web site might never send 100 megabytes a day; the simple reality is that 500 megs per day is, 99% of the time, only surpassed when a user is illegally serving a large amount of data such as music, movies, retail software, or pornography to a large audience. This is precisely the user that clogs the bandwidth for those of us who need it to get work done, and this is precisely the type of network abuse that the network cap targets.

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Media Studies – make a music video

For our coursework we decided to make a music video, based on our original idea of a â€Å"Jackass† style programme. Jackass is a programme of various dangerous and stupid stunts, which are all a bit different. We decided against this idea as it restricted our power to change it into an original concept. We decided to make a music video using a punk song, as these have a very broad band of what can be included. We started by making a song in the style of a well known band, Blink 182, but we changed it to incorporate our life at college. We are loosely basing it on a theme of our college life but at the different extremes. We are using what Levi Strauss called Binary Opposites, these are extreme opposites, for example a bad guy being ugly and a good guy being extremely attractive. We are using the Binary opposites of maturity and immaturity, which is a basic college idea, the mature students that do their work and the immature students that joke about and don't take things seriously. We thought of things that would be included in a punk music video, we had the idea of the band rehearsing in a music room and being very professional about it and then came up with the opposite which is practicing in the refectory and playing random objects rather than proper instruments. Another idea we had is spending time leisurely we had the idea of a group of people sitting around playing cards with the comparison of them all running around like mad brandishing water-guns and having a play fight. The next one is also a leisurely activity, playing foosball at the table in the refectory comparing it to doing reckless skating and crashing into each other. We then thought back to the programme Jackass and one of their famous sketches is the presenters being pushed around in a shopping trolley. We thought of using this but needed a binary opposite to go in it so we thought of having someone pushing the trolley quite normally with shopping in it. Also just walking around college, the band walking down a corridor and turning around a corner with them running down the corridor in the underpants and running into the girls toilet. These give off a lot of ideas of the maturity and immaturity of college. We thought of using the phrase that we had heard a lot from the show South Park, whenever there is drugs or alcohol involved, one of the characters, Chef always says â€Å"There is a time and a place for everything, and it's called college!† and thought that we could relate this to the video. Another idea we had was using the Kuleshov Effect, where we would take shots of random things such as people talking chilling out and people running around like mad and pulling faces. The themes we are using are Jackass, The Teenage years and a parody effect of Blink 182 videos. We are also going to have parts of temporal disorder in the video, using the video effects on my camcorder, this will give the impression the person watching is on drugs because the song is related to this, although we will show no shots of drugs or anybody taking drugs as this would be to suggestive, we are only giving hints of teenage life but not actually showing all angles. There is no actual storyline to have a linear narrative to the video, its more random as this is what college is like despite being a regulated day, anything can happen! The idea of using teenage life although is very common is so broad that we can change it to our own tastes and use our own characters in it. The whole video is supposed to be a joke filled, fun and non-serious which is the whole idea of punk rock, a lot of songs are just parodies. We are also going to have lots of shots of the band so people can see them and know who is playing. Bands do this so they can see who is performing and identify with them and decide who is their favourite. Sometimes they can pretend to play roles which can lead on to a narrative in the video, taking for example, Sum 41 in their â€Å"In Too Deep† video they have the lay about band, with the jocks fighting against each other in a diving contest, we want the band to win which is made in a binary opposite the baddies are made to be Speedo wearing narcissists and the band wearing any old shorts and not particularly full of themselves. This is the kind of effect we want to achieve with binary opposites.

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Evolution Lab Essay - 594 Words

Associate Level Material Appendix O EvolutionLab Report |Ful | | |Date | | Use this document to report your findings from the EvolutionLab Exploration Experiment. The lab report consists of three sections: Data, Exploration, and Lab Summary. Data: copy any data, graphs, charts, or notes that you have saved in your EvolutionLab online notebook into this section. Exploration: Answer the questions. The questions in the Exploration section are the same questions in your EvolutionLab instructions. Lab Summary: Write a 100- to 200-word summary. Data To copy your data from your online†¦show more content†¦If there was no participation on a small island the Finch would become extinct. Which of the parameters is most important in determining whether a population goes extinct? Variance is most important What are at least two different sets of conditions that may lead to extinction? Small Island, no precipitation Small Island, No variance Summarize the steps you took to complete the experiment you designed. I set the parameters on precipitation to 0, and the island size to .3km. I then ran the experiment for 300 years. Summarize the result of the experiment you designed. The Finch was extinct by 2033. The beak size stayed the same until extinction. Lab Summary Address the following points in a 100-to 200-word summary: Summarize the general principles and purpose of the lab. This lab is designed to help understand how precipitation, variance, and area have a role in the evolution of a species, in this case, Finches. It also explains the different types of selection. Explain how this lab helped you better understand the topics and concepts addressed this week. This lab really helped explain the concept of evolution. Not only did it cover population grown/ decrease but it also covered the changes that animals go through to adapt to their ever changing environments. Describe what you found challenging about this lab. I did not really find anything challenging about thisShow MoreRelatedEssay on Evolution Lab751 Words   |  4 Pagesgroup Caminalcules species in your taxonomic classification (chart)? What does this suggest about classification based on strictly of similarity versus evolutionary relationship? The phylogenetic tree was more of an evolutionary tree. It showed the evolution of the organisms and their ancestors or traits that they branched off of. The chart however just simply organizes and separates the organisms in similarity. The tree did not change the chart, the chart see similarities with structures between theRead MoreEssay about Bio 101 Evolution Lab900 Words   |  4 PagesEvolution Lab BIO/101 Pooja Thakur 7-23-12 Evolution Resulting From Natural Selection INTRODUCTION The Evolution Lab simulates environmental situations to determine effects on evolution over periods of time. This lab experiments with the evolution of finches on two different islands over 100, 200, and 300 years. By manipulating parameters that influence natural selection, the effects that natural selection have on the evolution process can be studied. HYPOTHESES †¢ The sizeRead MoreThe Bioinformatics / Molecular Evolution Lab1243 Words   |  5 PagesThe purpose of the Bioinformatics/Molecular Evolution lab is to explore a particular protein given to us by its amino acid sequence. By entering this protein into the Entrez Protein Database in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and using tools within this database such as Jpred, SMART, and Protoparm, the given protein could be fully analyzed. This experiment was very successful as our particular protein could be identified, and the tools within the NCBI database allowed us to fullyRead MoreEvolution Lab: The Impact of Drought Conditions on a Finchs Beak Size856 Words   |  3 Pagesrelative percentage of the three levels of hardness changes across a rough continuum. Seed hardness would be predicted to increase finch beak size because more force would be needed to crack open the seeds. This would be an example of directed evolution, because drought conditions will favor one extreme of the finch population, those with larger beak sizes. The bell curve would thus shift in favor of larger beaks. Hypothesis: Drought conditions on Darwin Island will increase the prevalence ofRead MoreEvolution And Natural Selection : The Benefits Of Mutation1321 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution and Natural Selection; The benefits of Mutation Areeba Yousuf Introduction Charles Darwin, a naturalist around the 1800’s , discovered the theory of evolution. He discovered this observation of evolution with his voyages around the world. The specific animals that proved Darwin s theory were the finches he discovered in South America, and then found many variations at many different places. He studies these finches in depth and discovered that they were similar yet somehow different;Read MoreDarwin s Theory Of Biological Evolution1347 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Evolution refers to the processes that have transformed life on Earth from its earliest forms to the vast diversity that characterizes it today† (Campbell, 1993). However, a lot of things can change over a period of time. The â€Å"Father of Evolution† who is known as Charles Darwin, developed the theory of biological evolution. This theory has long been debated during and after darwin s time. Biological evolution can be seen through a momentous change in organisms by chang ing of the genetic compositionRead MoreIntelligent Design: An Intelligent Way of Disguising Religion1346 Words   |  6 Pagesand Eve have been apes? Evolutionists say humans evolved from apes, but many religious people cannot swallow the thought. For years, religious people have voiced their unhappiness that schools teach evolution. The Bible says that God put all the plants, animals, and people on this planet, and evolution completely contradicts that. The idea of including creationism in schools has been brought to courts multiple times but with no success. Now the creationists have a new way of presenting it. They disguiseRead MoreSex-Linked Traits Through Meiosis and How It Relates to Genetics.1609 Words   |  7 Pagesexamining the hierarchy that ranges from the fundamentals of cell biology to the physiology of organisms, and the interactions among those organisms in their environment. The topics in this course include cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, evolution, ph ysiology, and ecology. Policies Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within the following two documents: †¢ University policies: You must be logged into the studentRead MoreChanges Over A Period Of Time.we1109 Words   |  5 Pages Evolution= Something that changes over a period of time.We can see this more in animals. Fitness= Being physically fit and healthy. For example if gorillas can hit their chest the hardest are the ones that choose their mates first. Natural Selection= Where an organism has to adapt to an environment. They will have to learn to survive and camouflage and who ever survives first has better chances for offspring. Variation= is a change in difference and conditions. Pressure= An organism thatRead MoreGenetic Changes Within The Populations : The Consequences Of Selection1115 Words   |  5 PagesLab Report 1 Genetic Changes in Populations: The Consequences of Selection General Biology II Lab Junyao Li Introduction In this lab, we explore the reason genetic changes happened within a population. We use bean-bag model to simulate allele and genotype frequencies for three generations of deer mice under three different selective regimes. Then, we use the Hardy-Weinberg Principle to assess the selection and evolution experienced by deer mice. The Hardy-Weinberg Principle is one of the most